Monday, July 19, 2010


Madness Adventure Racing ventured out to scenic Prescott, Arizona for the 12 HOURS AT NIGHT mountain bike relay this past weekend. As the name of the event implies the idea is to complete as many 8-mile laps as possible in 12 hours in the dark.

The course was located at Pioneer Park and Brownlow Trails and was comprised of smooth wide fire roads, twisty single track, good steep climbs, and a couple of well lit tunnels. Those who have run Gilmore Adventure Races should have recognize portions of the course from past races.

Dave Sewell of Go Adventure Recreation and Rick Eastman of Sierra Adventure Sports partnered on this year's event. The race was well organized and staffed. The 12 Hour volunteers were exceptional! Not only were they genuinely friendly, they maintained a cheery demeanor with no sleep. GO Adventure Volunteers Rock!

Madness ran two 3 -man teams and took a 3rd place finish in their division. Madness Gargoyles (staffed by Ryan, Mike, and Jon) completed 14 laps for a total of 112 miles. Madness Alexander Building (staffed by Dave, Don, and Sterling) completed 12 laps for a total of 96 miles.

Madness Adventure Racing would like to thank our sponsors for their support at the 12 Hours at Night:

§ Alexander Building Company and Gold Medal Gardening for financial support

§ Gargoyle Performance Eyewear for the glasses to keep us safe and looking cool

§ Nuun Nutritional Supplements for keeping the electrolytes balanced

§ ZeroGoo for a race fuel injection system that keeps the reservoir clean

§ Skyline Signs for the excellent graphics, vehicle magnets and sign board work

§ Hi-Tec Footwear for traveling from point A to B in comfortable kicks

§ ATAC for producing a quality jersey

Monday, July 5, 2010

GOAR 12 Hour at Night

The GOAR 12 hours at Night MTB Relay Race in July 17th. Madness Racing has two teams entered into this event and our primary expectation is to get a feel for this type of race and have fun doing it.

Night Training Rides

We will be kicking out a page for a few of night training rides. If you have not ridden at night lately, it may be a good idea to make one or all of the night rides.

Distance & Times

The course is an 8 mile loop. Based on last year's lap times I am estimating our teams will range from 13 to 17 laps. A 2-man team may ride 56 to 64 miles and a 3-man may ride 32 to 48 miles total.

Visit the 12 hour site for more information.

Remember ... Couch potatoes don't get bragging rights - only coronary heart disease.